HomeLovers provides a service to property owners looking to rent out their apartments without having to worry about managing the lease.

After seeing the apartment and agreeing on the lease amount, HomeLovers takes over the management of the apartment with a mandate that authorises them to rent it solely and exclusively for short periods. Thanks to the complete flexibility of the contracts, the owners are free to decide when to rent their property out and when to retake possession.

From then on, HomeLovers takes care of managing and promoting the apartment, advertising it through national and international channels, and takes care of all the formalities regarding the lease contract, the provision of extra services, the maintenance of the property and bureaucratic formalities.

HomeLovers is the alternative solution to the classic 4-year contract and more specifically, has the following advantages:

a) It is a flexible way of renting out a property

b) The homeowner needn’t worry about the maintenance of the property or relations with tenants

c) Punctual payments for every period of use of the apartment are guaranteed

d) The homeowner is free to decide when to retake possession of the apartment