How it works

HomeLovers offers a vast choice of apartments that are carefully chosen by our team, furnished and equipped with every comfort for anyone staying in Milan for short periods.

If you need temporary accommodation for business, a holiday, study or personal reasons, HomeLovers has the perfect solution to suit your needs: short-term rentals.

The short-term rental of an apartment is a valid and convenient alternative to a hotel or residence, with the comforts and benefits of feeling like you’re at home.

All of our apartments are:

ready to use, completely furnished and equipped with everything you need for comfort and privacy as if you were in your own home
located in the residential areas of Milan, which are safe and habitable, close to shops, entertainment and anything else you may need, and are all well-served by public transport
handed over clean and complete with a set of towels and linen
Visit our apartments section and book the one you want directly online, making your choice based on apartment type (studio flat, two-roomed apartment, three-roomed apartment, etc.), the area of Milan you’re interested in and when you’re looking to rent.

Our short-term rentals allow you to feel at home at all times, guaranteeing comfort, quality and assistance thanks to our team of professionals, who are on hand to help you settle in to both the apartment and the area of the city it’s located in.

We’re on hand to respond quickly to any requests you may have:

HomeLovers – Short-term rentals apartments in Milan